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To work with humane warmth

Design Patent Attorney / Trademark AttorneySakie TANAKA


  • Japanese
  • English


Music, Movie Watching, Cooking, Watching Sports, Pilates


Specialty-technology areas

  • Trademark and design in Japan and abroad

Areas of expertise

Trademark, design, patent, utility model, unfair competition, copyright, geographical indication (GI), litigation, IP seminar, IP consulting

Experience in patent practice from 2009-present
She has a unique carrier a patent attorney. She had worked as a fashion designer in a Japanese apparel manufacturer before starting her work in the field of IP. She not only did planning and designing for the manufacturer's products but also visited overseas sewing factories for giving instructions and performing management there. She also encountered problems of IP. Then, she joined a patent firm after working at a patent search company. She has experience in patent practice in various aspects including, for example, patent, design, trademark, copyright, unfair competition prevention act, contracts, IP consulting, and as lecturer for IP seminars. Among them, she specializes in trademarks and design which have strong connection with her previous work, and she processes not only national phase cases but also international cases. She experienced studying in USA. Based on her acute sensitivity and experiences in various aspects, she proposes protection of IP from various aspects. She is energetically engaged in official activities and gives, for example, many lectures and seminars.

    • IP Assistance and Support Center, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, member (2015-2018)
    • Trademark Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, member (2018-)
    • Member of Design Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2019-)vice-chairperson (2021-2023) chair (2024)
    • Member of Japan Trademark Association (JTA) (2019-)
    • Member of Kansai Patent Attorneys Study Group (KTK), member (2016-)
    • Member of Japan Design and Law Association (JADELA) (2019-), Administration(2020-)
    • Japan Patent Attorneys Association, manager of Chūgoku association (2016, 2017, 2020,2022,2023)vice-president(2024)
    • Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Public Relations Committee of Chūgoku association, member (2016-), vice-chairperson (2016), chairperson (2017)
    • Comprehensive Support Counter for IP, Hiroshima Prefecture, stationed specialist (2015-), dispatched specialist (2013-)
    • Comprehensive Support Counter for IP, Oita Prefecture, dispatched specialist (2015-)
    • JPAA IP Management Consultant (2016-)
    • Chugoku Region IP Strategy Headquarters WG, member (2017)
    • Lecturer for Technical College IP Seminar (2017,2018)
    • Western Japan Patent Attorneys Association Regional Director
    • Special Award, Japan Patent Attorneys Association(2023)
    • Public Relations Center, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, member (2021-)
    • Member of International Information Committee, Kansai Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2024)

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