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CP JAPAN 綜合特許事務所


Key Dimensions of Business

Service Contents

We provides intellectual services covering creation, protection, and use of intellectual properties to survive in the age of open innovation


Expert Opinion

  • Search prior to application (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark)
  • Interference Search (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark)
  • Invalidity Evidence Search (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark)
  • Publicly Known Literature Search (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark)
  • Expert Opinion (Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark)
  • Patent Map
  • Technological Trend Search/Analysis
  • etc.


  • National and International Patent Application, Acquisition of Right
  • National and International Trademark Application, Acquisition of Right
  • National and International Design Application, Acquisition of Right
  • Information Disclosure
  • Opposition and Appeal
  • Request for Decision
  • Warn Infringement, Legal Action, Arbitration
  • etc.


  • License Negotiation
  • Transfer Negotiation
  • Contraction Relating to Intellectual Property
  • Technology Transfer
  • Assistance in Starting-Up
  • Intellectual Property Consulting
  • Intellectual Property Value Evaluation
  • etc.

Technical field

The following list shows a mere example. Experts having a thorough knowledge in each field form a team to protect intellectual properties widely and cross-sectorally.


  • Biochemistry, Medicine
  • Medication, Microorganism
  • Medical Equipment, Semiconductor
  • Informatics
  • Machine, Electronic Equipment
  • etc.


  • Automobile
  • Printing
  • Welding Technology, Surface Processing
  • Robot
  • Electricity, Electronics
  • etc.


  • Semiconductor
  • Communication in general
  • AI, machine learning
  • Cloud Robotics
  • IT, IoT
  • etc.


  • Welding Technology, Surface Processing
  • Articles for Daily Use
  • Architecture
  • Metal Material, Non-Metal Material
  • Agriculture, Fisheries
  • etc.



Seminar & Dispatch of Lecturers

We conduct seminars and dispatch lecturers for a better understanding of intellectual properties.
Customizing programs in response to a user's request is possible. Please contact our office for details.


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