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To be a person
who can provide value and impression.
To create a team
which can provide value and impression.
To work face to Face.

Head of CP Japan IP AttorneysKatsumori ISEKI



  • Japanese
  • English


Marine Leisure, Mountain Leisure

Katsumori ISEKI

Specialty-technology areas

  • Overall area of semiconductors (especially processing technology, device technology, semiconductor material)
  • ICT
  • Medical instruments
  • Sporting goods
  • Daily goods
  • etc

Areas of expertise

Patent, utility model, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition, litigation, IP license and consulting, IP and technology trading

Experience in patent practice from 2000 - present He engaged for first 10 years mainly in patent practice relating to acquisition of rights for a global electronics company in Japan. Then, he engaged in overall IP concerns of many overseas companies as well as companies in Japan and accumulated experience, additionally to the experience in the acquisition of rights, in providing support for dispute relating to IP and for technology transfer between industry and academia. He has experience in negotiation and contraction relating to IP, analysis of IP information, and consulting for business strategy and overseas expansion utilizing IP. He gives seminars and participates in official activities in Japan and foreign countries. He has work experience in a U.S. patent law firm. LL.M. (Master of Laws), University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. He enrolled in Doshisha University, Faculty of Science and Engineering (Chemical Engineering) and then transferred to Osaka University of Foreign Studies (Currently: Osaka University, Majored Language: English) and graduated with Litt.B

  • Kansai Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association, vice-president(2024.4-)
  • IP Advisor, Osaka Medical College (2013-2019)
  • University Research Administrator (URA) (2020.5-), Osaka Medical College
  • Management Support Advisor in Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (2015-2019)
  • Judge in projects of support for international applications of small & medium enterprises (Osaka Prefecture (2015))
  • Cooperator of evaluation in "Monodzukuri Innovation Project" of Osaka Prefecture(2016,2017)
  • Counterfeit/imitation damage control advisor, Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (Trademark(2011), Patent (2012, 2014))
  • Corporate Compliance Assessor, Japan IP Arbitration Center (2012-present)
  • Member of WG of Management Design, Local Benchmark, Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2018-2019)
  • Member of Standard Business Promoting Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2020-)
  • Member of IP circulation fluidization investigation committee, IP Promoting Committee, Intellectual Asset management center of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2012-2018)
  • Member (2011-present), vice-chairman (2015), chairman (2016) in International Affairs Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Kinki Branch
  • FICPI (Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle)CET3 Chair(2022.10-),Reporter(2019-2022.9),CET8 Regional Coordinator Japan(2018-2022.9)
  • FICPI (Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle) Strategic Planning Committee member (2018-2022.9), Covid-19 Crisis Team member (2020)
  • Administration Officer in FICPI JAPAN (Japanese Association of Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle) (2016-)
  • Completed WIPO Arbitration Workshop in Korea (2013)
  • The 3rd Global Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization training course (G-TEC 2013, Osaka University)- First Look Technology Assessment Certificate of Training and Team Project Award (2nd place winner) - First Look Venture Assessment Certificate of Training and Team Project Award (1st place winner)
  • Completion of Strategy Task Force Leader Training Program 1st Term (Professionalist, Selection) (2015), the University of Tokyo Policy Alternatives Research Institute
  • Awards: Excellence in Patent Law Services (Innovation & Excellence Awards 2018, Corporate Live Wire)
  • Awards: IP Lawyer of the Year in Japan (International Advisory Experts Awards 2017, 2018)

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