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Intellectual property is
- a market tool;
- a market advantage;
- an innovation; and
- an academic and artistic,
and it is beyond the above.
Intellectual property is
- a passionate emotional experience.
We must nurture, protect, and promote IP.

Patent Attorney
Specific Infringement Lawsuit Counsel


  • Japanese
  • English


Hiking in mountain, Touring Kyoto, Travel to non-visiting country


Specialty-technology areas

  • Machinery
  • Control
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Daily necessities
  • Materials.

Areas of expertise

Patent, utility model, trademark, design, expert opinion, warning

After graduating from university, he worked for a major construction company, where he was involved in large-scale construction projects for public offices and electric power companies, using advanced construction methods (including patent applications). In order to make intellectual property be the living for tomorrow in our less-resource country, he moved to a patent firm, where he wrote many patent application specifications over 20 years, leading to patents. He engaged the intellectual property department of a major automobile manufacturer and conducted invention discovery activities. He has extensive experience in supporting both foreign clients obtaining rights in Japan and Japanese clients obtaining rights in the U.S., Europe, China, and other foreign countries. Currently, he has many opportunities to talk with CEO and inventors of small and medium-sized companies, and conducts activities to obtain patent rights that will be useful into the future, taking into account the technical content, future implementation trends, and market needs.
The technologies he has handled include control of transmissions and engines for automobiles, electric motors, car bodies, vehicle undercarriages, tires, aircraft, containers, cooking utensils, construction machinery in general, construction methods, buildings, optical waveguides, machine tools, production machinery, other industrial machinery, rolling bearings, gears, childcare products, furniture, pumps, medical equipment, and other structures (both moving and non-moving).

  • Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo University

    • Member of Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
    • Construction Managing Engineer (1st grade)
    • Electricity Lead Engineer (3rd grade)
    • Explosives Handling Official

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