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Associate Patent AttorneyToshiaki MORITA


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Toshiaki MORITA

Areas of expertise

agricultural chemistry, Areas of Study: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, metal materials, non-metal materials,
biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, microorganism, agricultural and marine products, food, drink, fiber and paper products, nanotechnology, daily commodity

Experience in patent practice from 1981 to present He has more than 30 years of practical experience in chemical and pharmaceutical field, national and international patent application, intermediary work, appeals, etc.

  • B. Sc. Nagoya University, Bioagricultural Sciences, agricultural chemistry,
  • M. Sc. Agr. Nagoya university graduate school of agriculture
  • (Major: Agricultural chemistry; areas of study: organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, etc.)

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