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This website is managed and operated by CP JAPAN IP Attorneys (hereinafter referred to as "CP JAPAN"). Please be sure to read the following terms of use when using this website. By using the contents of this website, you are deemed to agree to the following terms of use.


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When linking to this website, please link, in principle, to Please note that individual web pages of this website can be subject to deletion. Inline linking to images is prohibited.


CP JAPAN takes great care with the information posted on this website but provides no warranties on the accuracy, novelty, suitability for your purpose of use, and safeness of the contents.

CP JAPAN accepts no liability whatsoever arising from the use of this website, the unavailability of this website, or any other harmful cause such as computer virus.

The information posted on this website is provided merely as general information but not as legal advice.

CP JAPAN may not be able to respond to your inquiry, etc. posted through this website due to reasons such as that because of a system failure or any other harmful causes such as computer virus, your inquiry does not reach the person in charge, your inquiry reaches the person in charge but is nonetheless unreadable depending on character codes, or the response is undeliverable due to an error in your return address.

If you receive no response to your inquiry, please contact us again. For inquiries, please click here.

Handling of Personal Information

As to the handling of personal information, please see the Privacy Policy.


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Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The use, and interpretation and application of the conditions of use, of this website, where not otherwise provided for, shall be governed by Japanese law. For any dispute arising in connection with the use of this website, the Osaka district court, where not otherwise provided for, shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.

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