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Katsumori ISEKI, Patent Attorney

  • Head of CP Japan IP Attorneys
  • Fourteen years of experience in the field of patents. Handled numerous patent applications, both domestic and overseas. Spent about a decade overseeing the patent applications of a global electronics firm in Japan. Worked at a U.S. patent law office. Extensive practical experience obtaining patents, trademarks and designs for overseas clients as well as all the intermediary work leading up to the decision. Handled patent or trademark disputes and licensing negotiations that involve multiple countries. Experience with international technology-transfer cases that came under the domain of intellectual property.
  • LL.M. (Master of Laws), University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.
  • Areas of expertise: Patent, utility model patent, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition.
  • Specialty - Technology areas: Overall area of semiconductors (especially processing technology, device technology, semiconductor material), ICT, telecommunication, auto parts, medical instruments, sporting goods, daily goods.
    • Intellectual Property Advisor, Osaka Medical College (2013-present).
    • Counterfeit/imitation damage control advisor (Trademark, 2011) (Patent, 2012).
    • Corporate compliance assessor, Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center (2012-present).
    • Completed WIPO Arbitration Workshop (2013).
    • Intellectual property distribution, Japan Patent Attorneys Association.
    • Member, AIPPI.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Shuhei KANEKO, Patent Attorney

  • Five years of experience. Extensive experience in medical, bio and chemical fields as well as in machinery, semiconductors, information and technology. Vast knowledge and experience in handling a variety of patent work, from filing to acquisition of patent rights, referee incidents, and valuation. Contributed to the life science area both in and out of the country by conducting basic research into the development of new drugs, such as antiviral and nucleic acid drugs.
  • Master’s degree (major in medicine), Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine.
  • Areas of expertise: Patent, utility model patent, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition.
  • Specialty - Technology areas: medical, biology, pharmaceutical, medicine, chemistry, medical equipment, semiconductors and all technical areas of information.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Yang LEI, Chinese Pattent Attorney

  • Seven years of experience in China and Japan, mainly drafting patent specifications, intermediary work and translation for patent issues between China and Japan. Highly skilled in patent work for both China and Japan. Specialty is in medicinal chemistry and biology, but have handled various technical cases, mainly in the electrical and machinery fields, while working at patent offices in Japan and China. Uses Japanese fluency to solve numerous intellectual property issues that arose between China and Japan.
  • Masters (major in medicinal chemistry), Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Graduate School.
  • Took part for two years in a nationally-funded study at the Shenzhen Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine Research Center.
  • Areas of expertise: Mainly medicine and chemistry, but also proficient in the field of electrical machinery, and machinery in general.
  • Languages: Chinese, Japanese (Japanese language proficiency test, Level 1), English.

Isao TANAKA, Patent Attorney

  • Area of expertise: Patent, utility model patent, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition.
  • Experience: 14 years of patent practices and 13 years of research and development for various products.
  • Specialty - Technology areas: Mechanics, Chemistry, Materials, Surface treatment, Commodities.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Atsushi IDO, Associate Patent Attorney

  • Area of expertise: Patent, utility model patent, trademark, design, copyright, unfair competition.
  • Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, and Faculty of Science, Osaka University, Master’s degree.
  • Specialty - Technology areas: Bio, Chemistry.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Nozomu OSHINO, Ph.D.

  • Biology expert. Excellent scientific background. More than 20 years of experience working for a leading foreign pharmaceutical company, serving in a broad capacity in the field of research and development as head of the research section, then head of research and development, and then director.
  • Masters, Ph.D. (biochemistry major) at the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University. Worked six years with the Johnson Research Foundation at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine as research assistant and assistant professor.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Minoru YAMADA, Ph.D.

  • An expert in the field of chemistry. Excellent scientific background in addition to many years spent at leading foreign pharmaceutical company. Handled application of medical supplies, quality control, and engaged in analytical chemistry as well as basic research for the invention of medical supplies. Especially proficient in patents for the above-mentioned fields.
  • Ph.D. (natural products synthetic chemistry) Osaka University Graduate School and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Postdoctorate fellow, Chemistry Department at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec for one year; Postdoctorate fellow, Department of Chemistry at the University of Indiana for two years.
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Satoru YAMAGAMI, Ph.D.

  • An expert in biotechnology with excellent scientific background. Worked for a leading foreign pharmaceutical firm for many years in the biological system laboratory of the company's research division (immunology, pharmacology, general pharmacology study, medicine). Especially knowledgeable about patents in these fields.
  • Ph.D., Osaka University Graduate School and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (pharmacology).
  • Languages: Japanese, English.

Jo KATO Jahyung, Exclusive Advisor

  • Exclusive advisor to CP Asia patent office.
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea. Worked in the data room as an IBM trainee for Honam Oil Refinery Co. Ltd., known today as GS Caltex Corp., in Seoul. Joined Shinwa Denshi and helped develop the company's disaster prevention and security system. After completing that, moved to Japan. Spent eight years teaching Korean language and began working for a patent office in Osaka. For over 12 years, served as a translator of Japanese to Korean and Korean to Japanese in most areas, including semiconductors, machinery, electricity, chemistry, biomedical, among others. Handled numerous overseas negotiations. Worked as a manager in the intellectual property section of a chemical venture firm. Well versed in issues related to intellectual property of venture firms. Possesses a wide network of intellectual property contacts, both private and business, in various parts of the world -- and not just limited to South Korea and Japan. Also knowledgeable about design and trademark.
  • Japanese language proficiency test, Level 1.
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese, English.
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